Combining Technology Experience with Digital Marketing Tactics

When it comes to digital marketing being a ‘jack of all trades’ is a requirement!  There are so many different aspects and they are all changing so fast. You need a pit crew with a wide variety of skills to help your business stay on top of marketing and sales.

Past experience allows me to help diverse businesses with a wide range of web technologies, web content writing and marketing.  I’ve been a technology consultant for businesses large and small for over 10 years.  As a veteran of the industry I understand not only your perspective as the vendor or supplier,  but I’ve also been the customer!  I’ve been a buyer, contracting officer, supply chain director, business technology manager, managed customer support, directed ERP vendor selection process, and the project manager who implemented the software.

On the vendor side I’ve participated in the marketing and sales process for long B2B sales cycles,  written RFP responses,  proposals and presentations, provided software and hardware technology demonstrations and determined the customers pain points to create a solution they will love and cannot live without.

On the customer side I’ve seen the vendor marketing materials, presentations, web sites, demo’s and finally the delivered services where I’ve helped the business users understand the systems, and how their processes need to change to get the full benefit of the solution.