Add Power to Your Call to Actions

Do All of Your Web Pages have a ‘Call to Action’?

If not, your missing out on potential business!

What do you want a potential customer do NEXT – if your headline gets their attention, and they read more of your website content?

Each page of your site should have a specific purpose – to educate, inform, build trust, motivate a specific action, capture a lead and more.

Do you have some type of ‘Call to Action’ on all of your website pages? After getting found online and getting their attention with your headline and content – the next step is motivating customers to contact you or engage with your website in some way.

Make it easy for them, TELL them what to do NEXT!

Many sites offer the download of a free report or white paper. But what should they do if the customer is interested in some immediate action that would lead to a sale? Does your web page quickly and obviously tell them what to do as a next step?

You should include a ‘Call to Action’ and contact information on every page.

A typical call to action might say “Click Here to Open Our Contact Form and Send Us Your Question”

Or “Call 888-XXX-XXXX – Now to talk to one of our Solution Experts”.

Phone Numbers

Is your phone number at the top of every page so it is easy for the potential client to see how to contact you right now?

Do you have more than one number?  Include a Toll Free number, if you have one and a local number.

Other Contact Information

A website reader (and potential customer) may never click on the ‘Contact Us’ link to find your phone # or email.

And where is your contact info? On a separate page, in a sidebar, at the very bottom of the page?
Is your email a link to just click on (easier), or do they need to cut and paste the email into their email program (harder)?

Do you only have a contact form in order to reduce spam? Some people will not fill out a form.

Add Unique Contact Methods and Calls to Action

Do you invite people to text message to your phone number?

If you use Skype – do you include your Skype name as a way to get in touch?  This one is free!
No minutes, data, etc.  More and more people are using Skype on mobile devices.

Does your site include links or buttons to your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or other sites?  Do those links work correctly?  Do you have links that allow customers to Share Your page with their friends on social media?  Those two types of links are different!

Give them as many options as possible!

There are so many ways to connect with people now. Every one of your potential customers feels most comfortable with a specific method.

Use every type of technology!

You can also state what your preferred business contact method is to reach your company in the fastest way possible.

Maybe add some text with a “Fastest way to reach a Real Person” button or link to encourage clicks and calls.  Then, they feel certain they will not be hung up on in a voice mail system.  If you use this idea, specify what your working hours are and in which time zone you’re located.

Call To Action ‘Attitude’

Does the text surrounding your contact information make the reader feel like they will get a ‘salesy’ call from someone, or does it just seem friendly and helpful?

It never hurts to Ask or survey current customers what method makes them most comfortable when contacting your company, or how they feel about the wording of your ‘Calls to Action’ and website contact information.  Is it ‘salesy’, ‘too hard’, intimidating, to weak, soft or ‘just right’?  Yes, goldilocks style is what you are looking for!

Also, try testing the various placements and wording for your contact information and your ‘calls to action’ in various page locations, font size and style, or in line with the main content versus in a sidebar.  What gets the best response and ‘clicks’?  It may be easiest to set up this testing on a specific product or service sales page, with leads from a Pay-Per-Click or other inbound marketing campaign.

Review your site pages and ask yourself this question at the beginning of this post – What should a potential customer do next?  If your headline gets their attention and they read more of your website content;

Is it clear? Is it easy? Making content changes like this will increase the leads generated from your business website.

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