Add Power to Your Call to Actions

Do All of Your Web Pages have a ‘Call to Action’? If not, your missing out on potential business! What do you want a potential customer do NEXT – if your headline gets their attention, and they read more of your website content? Each page of your site should have a specific purpose – to … Read more

The View From the Prospect

straight road

What are Your Potential Customers Looking For? All of your Marketing Content should try to answer the questions that are going on inside your potential customers head and business. When they are looking for help they usually want to know 3 things about a potential service provider or partner: Where are you located? What industries … Read more

Headlines:  Does every page on your website have one?

Many business website pages either don’t have a headline or their existing headline does not get the reader’s attention! Especially the headline text on the homepage of your site.  What is the home page of your website for?  It should be to get a potential clients attention (with the headline), and then to engage them … Read more