Headlines:  Does every page on your website have one?

Many business website pages either don’t have a headline or their existing headline does not get the reader’s attention!

Especially the headline text on the homepage of your site.  What is the home page of your website for?  It should be to get a potential clients attention (with the headline), and then to engage them to read further and want to learn more about your services.

A survey of 30 Microsoft Partner sites showed that 15 (have of those reviewed!) did not display what could be considered a headline (Body text in H1 Tags).

This does not refer to the company tag line or motto which may appear near the top of the page by your logo or in your graphics at the top of the page.

Of those who did have a headline, the words either included technical jargon (or geek speak), or were imbedded in a graphic which is not found in search results.

This means technology business are either not intending to use their websites for lead generation, or they do not want to engage potential customers with information about how they can help their business.

If your Home Page does not currently have a headline here are 3 tips on how to make changes, get attention and more clicks to your interior pages.

1 – Your headline should be benefit oriented.  This means that your headline copy should not be about your company, but about what you can DO for your customers.

Example –

Here is a typical headline – “Microsoft Dynamics GP & CRM Solutions”.  You can find this same text on hundreds if not thousands of sites!

Compare this to an attention getting, benefits oriented headline like “Implement MS Dynamics GP Software and Get Your Business a 30% Productivity Boost This Year” –

Yes, this is longer, but if you have provided great results for existing customers say so right up front!  The more specific the benefit described the better.  Make the headline address the goal or problem your potential client is looking to achieve or solve.

2 – Your headline should contain a keyword phrase that you want to be found for in search engines like – Microsoft Great Plains consulting.   It definitely pays to do some keyword research in advance to find out what phrases customers might be looking for and the terminology they are using.  These phrases may be quite different than what you might expect if you have a technology background.

3 – The rest of the Home page should be SEO optimized for that keyword phrase.  This is where the Title, Description and Keywords in the page HTML are modified to further clarify what shows up in the search results links.

If you do have a headline on your home page – Does it get attention and engage your potential customers to think they should find out more about what you offer?

Is it actual text or is it part of a graphic?  This can still work for you as long as this wording is included in the Alt Text for that graphic.  It is best for SEO if the headline text is in the graphic, Alt Text and in body text with H1 tags on the web page.

Is it embedded in a Flash Header?  If it is – it will not appear in most mobile browsers or smart phones, so make certain it also appears at the top of the page content (text).  By the way – most Flash graphics just appears as big black squares on a smart phone and to see anything a person has to scroll down.  Most will not do that thinking there is something wrong with your site and just click away from your page.

All of this information may be preaching to the choir in technology companies, but it is amazing how many do not do for themselves what they would implement for their clients!

If you would like to learn more about how to better utilize your website for lead generation and increased customer engagement, please give me a call at 360-362-1900.

Thanks for reading & please leave a comment below if you have other thoughts or tips for website headlines or online marketing.